We picked up trash on Halloween day!


On Halloween day, we picked up trash as part of our charitable activities.
So thankful we always have clean courts to play futsal on!

We at Happyfull are also developing products using recycled plastic bottles as part of our SDGs activities. What's more, the bibs used in the Futsal Cup are made from plastic bottles picked up every year on Halloween.
Let's go sustainable!
Now, as usual, I have written a poem.

Halloween night, an autumn tradition in Happifuru
As if by some mysterious spell, a huge crowd gathers
Children in full costume and laughter echo through the air
Adults enjoy themselves with a glass of wine or a beer in hand

But behind the scenes we watch
The trash that littered the night of Halloween
The members of Happifuru come out of nowhere

They put on gloves and masks
They put on gloves and masks and began to pick up trash stealthily
They were silent, earnest, serious

Discarded coffee cups on the corner of the street
A plastic bottle on the grass
A bag of candy dropped by someone

They carefully picked up one by one
Not saying a word, just picking them up
People on the street were amazed at the sight of them

The trash they picked up was taken to Happifuru's temporary
and each piece of trash is properly sorted.
Burnable trash, trash that can be recycled
and disposed of separately.

Happifuru members continued to pick up trash until dawn.
until dawn.
The children went home and the adults continued to drink.

But they know it
The members of Happifuru are the hidden heroes who will never be rewarded
The members of Happifuru are the hidden heroes who never get rewarded

When Halloween dawned and the town settled down
The members of Happifuru had vanished
Only the city was clean and the wind was blowing

Even though the members of Happifuru are gone
Their spirit will remain in this town
Someday, that spirit will spread
and this city will become a more beautiful and wonderful place.