Snow, walls and a lonely hut


In the midst of a snowy mountain, a small cabin stood alone. A man with a hunting rifle was making his way towards the cabin. The man's name was Ian, and he had come to the mountain to hunt. However, he was caught in an avalanche and injured. When he finally made it to the cabin, he was exhausted and in pain.

A woman named Lisa was watching Ian from the second floor of the cabin. Lisa lived in the cabin and was happy to have someone to talk to. She watched Ian closely and noticed that he was wearing a military jacket. Lisa suspected that Ian was a former soldier and wanted to know why he was there.

Beyond the cabin was a wall that divided the area like the Berlin Wall. Ian saw the wall and remembered that he was in a neighboring country. He had come to the mountain to escape and cross the border, but the avalanche had interrupted his plan.

Lisa realized that Ian was a fugitive and asked him what he was doing. Ian admitted that he was trying to escape to the neighboring country. Lisa was surprised, but she decided to help him and tended to his injuries.

Days later, Ian recovered from his injuries. Lisa told him the story of the cabin and why she was there. Her family used to own the cabin, but they were separated by the Berlin Wall. Lisa was left alone and decided to make the cabin her home. Ian sympathized with Lisa and comforted her. They spent time together and opened up to each other.

However, their peaceful life was threatened by Ian's plan to cross the border again. Ian asked Lisa for help, and she agreed to help him with his plan.

They walked quietly through the snow, and they finally made it to the wall. Ian had the tools to cross the wall, but he couldn't do it alone. Lisa decided to help him and they crossed the wall together. They risked their lives for freedom, but if they were caught, they could be sent back.

Ian and Lisa decided to go further into the mountains. They faced many challenges, but they made it to the neighboring country and started a new life. They helped each other and overcame difficulties, and they found true love. The cabin would pass to someone else, and a new story would begin.

After Ian and Lisa crossed the border, they traveled through the neighboring country, trying to avoid being caught. They found a small village where they decided to settle down for a while. The villagers were kind and welcomed them, but Ian and Lisa knew they couldn't stay there forever.

They began to plan their next move, knowing that they were always at risk of being caught by the authorities. Ian and Lisa decided to move to a bigger city where they could blend in more easily. They found a small apartment and began to rebuild their lives.

Ian got a job at a factory, while Lisa worked at a local cafe. They made friends and slowly began to feel like they belonged. However, they still had to be careful and always keep a low profile.

One day, while Ian was at work, he was approached by a man who claimed to have information about his past. The man threatened to report Ian to the authorities if he didn't pay him a large sum of money. Ian was terrified and didn't know what to do.

Lisa noticed that something was wrong with Ian when he came home that day. He eventually told her about the man and his threats. Lisa was angry and scared, but she promised to help Ian no matter what.

Together, they came up with a plan to catch the man and turn him in to the authorities. They worked hard to gather evidence and eventually caught the man in the act. He was arrested, and Ian and Lisa were finally free from the threat of exposure.

They continued to live in the city and started to build a new life for themselves. They were happy, but they never forgot about the small cabin in the snowy mountains. It was a place that had brought them together and had changed their lives forever.

Years later, Ian and Lisa returned to the cabin. They found that it had been abandoned and was in disrepair. They decided to restore it and make it their home once again. They spent the rest of their days in the cabin, surrounded by the memories of their past and the hope for their future.