[If you don't watch this movie, your life is a failure!] Recommendation for a movie with a twist [foreshadowing].


Today, I'm going to solemnly list up the recommended movies of twist and turns.

I've seen a total of about 40 or so movies with a twist of fate, so here are some recommended movies with a twist of fate for Kyushu boys, by Kyushu boys who love such films with a twist of fate.

Doubling down on foreshadowing

Western Film

  • Esther. 
  • The Appraiser and the Faceless Client
  • Lost Body
  • Transworld
  • Memento 
  • Fight Club
  • Identity

Japanese Film

  • Crow's Thumb
  • Duck and Duck Coin Locker
  • After School
  • Initiation Love