The 2nd Footfull Cup! Participating teams are being recruited!


Ladies and gentlemen, we have been waiting for you: !!!!

Happifuru, an association without power, invites you to go deep into the darkness for its upcoming event.

Due to the success of the first futsal tournament, the second futsal tournament will be held. This time, however, we are prepared to be even more extreme than last time.
Are the participants really participating of their own volition? If you really want to be swallowed by the deepest darkness, then by all means participate. A terrifying competition awaits you.
Please note that participation in this event is solely at your own risk. The organizers will not be held responsible for any injuries or deaths that may occur.
The cost of participation is worth the loss of your soul. And there are prizes available to participants, prizes that only a select few will be able to obtain.
Participants will be faced with a daunting ordeal. But among them will be moments of hope, shining through the thick darkness.
It is not too late. If you, too, would like to be swallowed by the deep darkness, please join us. No one in this world can predict the fate that awaits you.
We invite you to test yourself in the deep darkness that comes only once in this world.

The second Footfull Cup will be held! The place is the same as the first one, Nishi-Tokyo A&A Sports Center.

We, the Happy Full correspondents, went to the Nishi-Tokyo A&A Sports Center, which will be used for the 2nd tournament, for a preliminary inspection! It is a very well-equipped facility with two courts, 100 parking spaces, changing rooms, vending machines, etc.!

The participation fee is 140,000 yen per person (including the cost of a post-Halloween PET bottle recycling bib), so don't forget to transfer your money before the day of the event!

We are expecting a flood of applications, so the deadline is fast approaching...

To apply, please follow us on Twitter!