Episode 2: Rethinking the Web Site. Raise your hand to those who don't understand. Put one in respect.


My name is Ujiki.

I can assure you that I am a person who knows the vast domain of homepages. One day, my essay on the homepage received a great response, and in response to that response, I am now back at the keyboard.

The homepage I see is a "home" page. It is undeniable that the perception of the house is what defines everything. I have repeatedly explained this philosophy to clients who are not convinced, and I have even solved their problems with my fists. I can and will promise them that I will make their great dream come true.
However, times have changed, and homepages such as "Home Page" are no longer such a thing.

A homepage is an island in the sea of the Internet. It is an undeniable fact that how attractive the island is is what makes it valuable to visitors.

It is also a fact that a website is a window to business and a place to express one's identity. We must not only create a website, but also make it easy to use and attractive to visitors. I can promise you that I will make this great dream come true.

Clients, a website created by my hands must be an accurate representation of your image. It is easy to imagine the communication required to achieve this. It is an undeniable fact that every detail must be carefully crafted.

And, creating a homepage is not just about creating a "home page". It is a business window that creates an attractive place to transmit information to visitors and to promote our existence. With all due respect, we promise to fulfill the great role of website creation.