Benefits at hpfull, an association without power


hpfull," a group that wears soft and fluffy air.
I was attracted by its thin and soft atmosphere and decided to join the group.
After joining the group, I felt the warmth and freedom of the group.
Each and every one of us can work at our own pace and express ourselves freely and creatively.
Because it is such a free space, "hpfull" is also uniquely committed to its welfare program.

Health Promotion

A healthy body is the only way to be expressive.
That is why the group is required to undergo periodic health checkups.
In addition, the stretching and yoga classes held irregularly are also very popular.

Cultural Training

In order for each group member to improve his or her own ability to express themselves and discover new talents, cultural training is also provided.
For example, we offer training in monologue production and recitation, as well as reading sessions that expose them to foreign literature.
Since people with various talents are gathered in the organization, they can stimulate each other and further improve their ability to express themselves.

Social Events

We also emphasize interaction among group members, and hold various events each season.
For example, Hanami (cherry blossom viewing), barbecues, Halloween parties, and Christmas parties.
In addition to enjoying food brought by the members, they also hold improvised performances and poetry readings by those who bring their own instruments.
Happifuru" is a group where a free atmosphere and warmth coexist.
It is a place where you can express yourself and improve your skills in a natural way.
Time spent at "hpfull" is always warm and enjoyable, and will leave you feeling healthy and fulfilled both physically and mentally.