A Distant Dream of Unity and Joy


Amidst the chaos and the strife,
We search for a better life,
A life of peace and happiness,
A world where love can truly bless.

We see the wars that rage on high,
And hear the cries of those who die,
And yet we still hold on to hope,
That one day, with love, we'll cope.

We dream of a world where all are free,
Where love and joy are plain to see,
Where kindness reigns in every heart,
And hate and anger soon depart.

For we believe in the power of love,
And know it comes from up above,
To heal the wounds and mend the broken,
And help us all find our true token.

So let us stand together as one,
And let our love light up the sun,
And bring about a brighter day,
Where peace and happiness will stay.