[Part 3] Website Theory. He continues to raise his hand to those who do not understand, but he goes on to teach for the younger crowd.



Today, we will continue with the third homepage theory, which will be taught by Mr. Ujiki.

Now, my name is Ujiki. I am a person who knows the vast territory of homepages. I was surprised by the unexpected response to my lecture the other day. As I have said many times before, it is no great pleasure to stand in front of everyone. However, I am now ready to continue with the lecture that has had such a positive response.

A website is a home page," I insisted. But the world changes with the times. The homepage has also evolved, transforming from one house to one world. Now, a homepage is a unique world for expressing individual businesses and ideas, and its appeal is how much value it can create for visitors.

A website is not just a window to business or a place to express one's identity. It is a stage for the creation of new value, and that creation is shaped not only by technology, but also by communication with the client. Creating a website means accurately expressing the client's philosophy and vision, and creating an attractive place to transmit information for visitors.

That is why our role is to give shape to the client's vision. No matter how difficult that may be, we are there to make it happen. And fulfilling that dream of greatness is our mission.

Sure, some people may not like my way of doing things. But that doesn't change me. Because my job is to produce precise results, and sometimes that requires taking the hard way. With that heavy responsibility on my shoulders, I will be standing in front of you all at my next lecture. Until then, you can look forward to it.


Fear Ujiki

the end


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