A lonely, one-man development camp was held in the place of memories, Goddess Hu!


Good day to you!

I am Tada, an idiot and from a cast of horrors in charge of engineer trainees at Happyful.
Since its establishment, Happyful has been holding development camps 9~10 times a year to improve our business, study technology, and look for bikes, away from our daily work.
This time, our engineers (one of them) went to Meishin Hu for three days from September 10 to 12.
*We never came to Meishin Hu to ski, but to pick up trash.
*We ate lots of local delicacies!


We also did a lot of karaoke.
Nothing was completed in 3 days and 2 nights. But it was fun, so it's all good!
I want to go on another development camp (trip) next month!