Assistant Surveillance Officer, Sergeant's Section in the United Kingdom

Fear The Tailor






Although nothing is known about his identity or background, every suit he produces is of extremely high quality and is world renowned for its quality. The director of the orphanage noticed that he had an excellent sense of design and sent him to design school. However, while attending school, he had a dark side. He made suits at night in his production room and sold them to make a living. His suits gradually gained a reputation, and orders from wealthy customers began to pour in. Eventually he dropped out of school and began working as a freelance suit maker. Later, he became famous as a suit maker of fear. It is said that the suits he made were filled with various tricks and traps, and that many people were killed by them. However, there were still many people who adored him, and some even risked their lives to obtain the suits he made. Today, he is said to have disappeared. However, the suits he made are passed down around the world, along with his legend.


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