Maybe I wasn't a sociopath after all.


I was just a slacker since I started college. I was lazy. Despite being a liberal arts major, I failed to obtain the 30 credits required to advance from the first year to the second year of college, and I stayed in school.

There was only one reason why I could not get the credits. I was so tired of getting up in the morning that I decided not to go to college today, or rather, almost every day.

I wrote "getting up in the morning," but it would be more correct to say "waking up from sleep. Whether I woke up in the morning, afternoon, or evening, I was sluggish. I was not very good at waking up from sleep.

In the process, I lost credits, my self-esteem dropped, and I became unmotivated. I was tired. In my second year of college, I earned the minimum number of credits required for promotion (8 credits) in the first semester and did not go to college at all in the second semester.

If I continue like this in the second year of college, I don't know how many years it will take me to graduate from college. In fact, I don't even know if I will be able to graduate. I kept such anxious feelings in the corner of my mind, but I turned away from such reality and continued to live my life like a trash in the universe, sleeping whenever I wanted, waking up whenever I wanted, and playing whenever I wanted. I branded myself as a social misfit. I heard that a night person cannot become a morning person even if he or she tries. I was branded as a person who had no prospects in life.

It must have been around the beginning of 2020, just before my sophomore year of college began. A certain virus became a major topic of conversation in Japan, and university classes were completely remote.

What would happen then? How would it be? This is because on-time classes have almost disappeared, and many classes have a pattern in which students attend lectures and submit assignments. Of course, there were lectures offered in real-time online, but the difficulty level of participating in them dropped drastically, overwhelmingly and certainly shockingly.

It was a god-like system for a person like me who was riddled with problems. You could attend lectures in the middle of the night. I could attend lectures in the morning, in the evening, or anytime during the day.

I am a serious person by nature, so I would do my assignments if I had to. This allowed me to achieve an unbelievable GPA and earn most of my credits.

Thus, I was able to advance straight through my second year of college without any problems. I was delighted when I was notified that the third year of college would also be basically online.

I was able to earn credits without any difficulty in my third year of college, and decided to go on to the fourth year of college with a little time to spare. I don't think I had any particular difficulties during that time.

In my fourth year of college, most of the classes were held offline, and I frequently had trouble getting up and going to class, but the number of credits I had to obtain was small, so I was able to graduate.

By the way, I finished job hunting early in my third year of college. It may sound like my college life was not going to lead me to any great success in job hunting, but I am an earnest and systematic person by nature. I was just not good at getting up in the morning and was losing credits, but I had been steadily preparing for job hunting since my first year of college. For starters, I participated in a long-term internship in a business position, working as a sort of web media director. There, he encountered the profession of engineer, and despite his liberal arts background, he developed a yearning to be an engineer. From there, he taught himself programming, and when he was able to create simple applications on his own, he began a long-term internship as an engineer. From there, he created a work product for job hunting and was accepted to a short-term internship at a mega-venture. Armed with three weapons: practical experience as an engineer at a long-term internship, high-level work product, and short-term internship experience at a mega-venture, he fought against highly educated science graduate student rivals and managed to get a job offer at a super major web startup that everyone knows. He managed to win multiple job offers from major web startups.

Although I had decided to graduate and find a job in this way, the brand of "social misfit" that I had imposed on myself was constantly nagging at the back of my mind. I wondered if I would be able to get up at a certain time in the morning even after finding a job. Would I be able to sleep at night? These worries invaded my brain until the day before the entrance ceremony.

But what do you think? About four months have passed since I joined the company. I have not been late even once. I am sleeping well at night. I wake up in the morning. It is true that I am not early and I sleep until the last minute. But I am there on time, where I would otherwise be.

Maybe I am not a social misfit. Maybe I am not a social misfit. Surprisingly. In the beginning, I must have been really anxious, but now I wake up in the morning as if it were a matter of course. I've been feeling anxious for a long time. So today I look back on my life from college to the present. Of course, it may not last forever. I might go bankrupt one day. But the reality that I've been doing it right for four months, now, is very refreshing. I am happy. I don't want to forget this experience. Tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, and the day after that, I just have to keep my feet on the ground and do my best to give the 80 points I can in my own way. That's great. I sometimes praise him for his hard work.