Kitchen Garden


Home Gardening. I myself have hardly ever done it.

I remember that I might have grown something in the garden a long time ago, when I was still living in my father's company housing, but this is a vague memory.

I also remember being made to grow something like cherry tomatoes or cucumbers at school when I was in elementary school, but this is also a vague memory. I am not sure if this could be called a vegetable garden.

It is possible that I brought home some of the vegetables I grew at elementary school and grew them at home.

My own memories of vegetable gardening are like this, but my mother grew something at the company house. For example, small green onions. I don't know if there is such a thing as a small green onion. I used to cut them with scissors and eat them over natto (fermented soybeans).

Now, I bought a house and live there, but it does not have a garden. Therefore, I have become a family without a vegetable garden. A home without a vegetable garden is hardly a home.

The three essential elements of a home are warmth, a sense of connectedness, and a vegetable garden. In other words, my parents' home is no longer a home. It is just a family.


Poet of the Air

And growing herbs in the vegetable garden and having lunch on the balcony at lunchtime is the ultimate wish of people living in Shonan.

Poet of the Air

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