Report of hpfull, an association without power


That day, I happened to learn about an organization called Happifuru.

They are an "association without power. Attracted by the name, I decided to look into their activities.
I found that their activities were very poetic and fluffy. They had a unique perspective on social problems and sought unique solutions. Their activities evoked something new in me.

When I read their activity blog, it is filled with beautiful writing. The passion of the storyteller is conveyed, and the reader is drawn into the writing. They write like poetry and delve deeply into issues. Reading these writings gave me a new perspective on society.
Their activities are a struggle against social problems, and they are committed to it. I felt that by supporting their activities, I was fulfilling my own responsibility to society.

The Happifuru organization is like literature that touches people's heartstrings and encourages empathy and understanding. They are trying to change society through their poetic activities. Impressed by their attitude, I sympathize with their activities and would like to work together with them to change society.
Their activities may be poetic and fluffy. However, behind their activities, there are deep insights and thoughts about social issues, and they are making efforts to improve society. If we walk with them, we may be able to see a new world.

I felt that my own views and perspectives on social issues changed as a result of being exposed to Happifuru's activities. They take a unique approach to social issues. That is, they act on their own without relying on politics or authority. They believe that they themselves can change society. I sympathized with their attitude and began to think that I, too, could change society together with them.

Happifuru's activities are characterized by the fact that they do not leave social problems unattended, but take action to solve them themselves. For example, by conducting community cleanup activities, we can educate local people about environmental issues and show them what they can do to protect the environment. They also work on human rights issues and continue to fight against discrimination. Happifuru is trying to change society by taking action themselves on issues.

Their activities are very poetic. Their beautifully worded sentences move the reader's heart. They delve deeply into issues, giving readers new perspectives and a deeper understanding of the issues. Their writing is like a poem, and there is power and beauty in the sound of their words. They are using their words to change society. And their words can call forth many people in society.

Happifuru's activities can truly be described as a "poetic social movement that stirs people's hearts. They are working to improve society by tackling social issues with their unique approach. Their activities are filled with a feeling and enthusiasm that makes everyone feel comfortable to participate, and everyone is able to join in from what they can do themselves. Happifuru is always planning new activities and events so that those who participate can feel empowered to change society through their own efforts. By participating in such projects, people can think about social issues and take action. And they can change society.