What is the daily life of a superhero? The case of Mr. Suzuki.



Superheroes who save our planet. What kind of life do these superheroes usually lead? Today, we have reported on the daily lives of superheroes.

The name of the superhero who reported today is Suzuki (pseudonym).

Waking up.

It is 5:00 in the morning. The morning of a superhero's daily life comes early. He wakes up to the sound of his alarm. Today, he begins another day of protecting the city and providing education to students. His face is tired and his beard is growing. He was up late last night performing his superhero duties.

Arriving at work.

Suzuki had superhero duty while he was at work. Superhero work comes out of nowhere.

I finished my work and hurried back to school as quickly as I could back to Suzuki.

Suzuki is about to be late because of the superhero job, and he impatiently jumps on the train. Like everyone else on the crowded train, he spends his time listening to music.

Morning class.

He enters the classroom and begins today's class. But his mind is occupied with last night's assignment. In the middle of class, one student suddenly asks, "Does Suzuki-sensei have a cut hemorrhoid~? He asks, "Do you have hemorrhoids, Mr. Suzuki? The classroom is filled with laughter. Suzuki-sensei turns a little red and replies, "Not really. Here, the "work of a superhero" suddenly entered the picture. Why at a time like this?

After finishing his superhero work, Suzuki-sensei wondered why the students were asking him such a question. He decided to find out the reason.

As he proceeded to interview the students, a colleague, Ms. Enari, in one of her Japanese classes said, "Everyone, ask Mr. Suzuki, "What is a hemorrhoid? She said, "Everyone, ask Mr. Suzuki what hemorrhoids are," and he was mean.

I see. The last time we went out for a drink together, I made the mistake of asking Enari-sensei about my hemorrhoids.

Lunch break.

Now, the fun part of the day. Lunch break. Since Suzuki is a junior high school teacher, he eats lunch with his students.

During lunch time, the smell of curry and rice fills the cafeteria.

Mr. Suzuki is supposed to have an enjoyable lunch time with his students, but for some reason, today's curry looks especially delicious. He is so excited that he orders a large serving of curry rice in place of his students.

The students protest, "Sensei, that's not fair!" the students protest.

But at that moment, Mr. Suzuki's complexion changes. A certain "superhero job" has begun.

There is something cold and glowing in his hands.

It is his "justice. Having finished his work as a superhero, Dr. Suzuki returns to continue his school lunch. But because of his superhero work, he couldn't eat much curry.

He laments that superhero work only comes at really good times.

Afternoon classes.

Afternoon classes are going well, but I am a little concerned about the way the students are looking at me. I can't get this morning's episode of severed hemorrhoids out of my head. Still, he tries his best to carry on with the class in a professional manner.

After-work meeting.

Attends a school board meeting. We discuss education policy and school issues. Suddenly, I think about the gap between myself as a superhero and myself as a teacher.

This is how he is usually involved in education as a good teacher, but he puts his life on the line to do the work of a superhero.

But no one recognizes Suzuki. No one praises him.

Suzuki is working hard to keep the peace on earth with his free love for the people of the earth.

A night mission.

It is nighttime, the time when school closes. Classes are over, students have left, and the school building is quiet.

But for Mr. Suzuki, the day's work is not over.

He has to fulfill his duty as a "superhero" again tonight.

Dr. Suzuki waits patiently in the waiting room. It is getting dark outside, and the lights of the city begin to turn on. In his hand, he once again holds that cold, glowing object. Tonight's mission begins.

Today's work will take place near Dr. Enari's house. All will be done quietly and quickly.

Return home and sleep.

He returns to his home. Tonight he has done "justice" again. His body is tired, but his mind is full. He takes a bath and washes himself well. He eats a good meal. And then he goes to sleep.


Suzuki Sensei balances his work as a teacher and his mission as a superhero every day.

For him, both are equally important "missions.

However, no one understands and recognizes his work as a superhero.

Still, he follows his beliefs and works hard with free love to keep peace on earth.

There is much mystery in his actions. However, it is his own "justice" and his own secret that no one knows. A hidden side that everyone has. It is the "justice" of each person, and the justice for Dr. Suzuki is something special that only he himself knows.

Enari-sensei was absent from school from the next day, as if he had been transferred or had fallen ill.