Personify the fruit.


Who would you like to anthropomorphize fruit and be friends with?

Strawberry is an interesting guy.

When I first met him, I was honestly astonished. He was so unique, so individual, and everything about him was upside down. I mean literally upside down.

He saw the world upside down and had a sense that common sense was coming crashing down.

When I was a student, I had the opportunity to change with him. He walked upside down, as he always did. Yet he was unconcerned and looked at me as if that was normal for him.

I asked, "Why do you live upside down?" I asked. He looked somewhat surprised, took a moment, and smiled. From my point of view, you look upside down," he replied quietly. He replied quietly.

I see, from his point of view I am upside down and from my point of view he is upside down. When we say "upside down," we usually refer to something whose normal vertical position is known, but who determines the normal vertical position?

I stayed up late that night. I was deep in thought. Which was really upside down?

When I saw him the next day, he smiled, upside down as usual, and asked, "You stayed up late, didn't you?" I asked. I looked at him and was surprised. He saw me in his eyes, and at that moment I knew everything. I realized that Strawberry's upside-down world was a mirror looking into the abyss.

He said one word: "Your eyes reflect me. Upside down." And then he laughed again.


Fear Anonymous

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