Anonymous Hope

Fear Anonymous






Fear Anonymous, a name that makes everyone shudder at the mention of it. This enigmatic entity is a member of a group belonging to a literary oasis called Happifuru. They are a literary, poetic, loose-fitting imaginary group born out of rebellion against power and control. And among them, Fear Anonymous Hope was particularly unique. His background is shrouded in mystery, but his presence stood out among the Happifuru. A shadowy presence that appears in poems and stories. His presence sometimes even brought fear to the hearts of readers. But even he had his achievements. His poems and stories were especially popular among Happifuru, and were highly praised by many readers. And his works sometimes influenced the real world, even sparking social debates. Despite such achievements, he always wished to remain anonymous. For reasons unknown, he hoped that his work would resonate with people, but kept his very existence a mystery. Even now, as a member of Happifuru, he continues to produce poems and stories. And his works will continue to stay in the hearts of readers and be passed down through the ages.

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