Compose a willow or tanka poem!


One day, I saw a wonderful tanka poem.

So I was inspired to compose a willow or tanka poem myself, so I composed one in my own way.

One day in winter, a thought, from the center of the world became me.

Winter Clouds
Blooming in the Toaster
Spaghetti Song
Heart of a Hula Hoop
The Rainbow Will Turn

When I was gazing at the big winter sky, I saw a square cloud at the end of the clear air. Its shape reminded me of a toaster, and I was caught by the sensation that spaghetti was overflowing from the toaster.

I closed my eyes and listened closely as I could hear a song coming from the spaghetti shape. Then a rainbow began to spin in the true center of the hula hoop of my heart. I opened my eyes and realized that the rainbow was a winter cloud and that the hula hoop meant the earth where I was.

I was so happy that the center of the world seemed to be me and the spaghetti blooming in the toaster that I composed this song.

What is at the end of the universe?

Rain of Stars
A Pickle's Dream
Sandwiches eat

A baby crying comes to mind when you close your eyes, but when you open them, there is nothing there and you feel nothing. On the contrary, I feel as if all of my senses have been shut down. I felt as if I were a pickle that had been forced into a hamburger. When I closed my eyes, I could see stars, and when I realized that the stars were a baby crying, the pickle inserted into the sandwich became a doppelganger of the pickle forced into the hamburger, and I found myself as a baby trapped in a closet. The light of the room shining into the closet, and the light of the room shining through the closet. The light of the room shining into the closet was double-meaning the baby's tears as a rain of stars.

Cat or rabbit? Rabbit?

Blue cat
In math class
Dancing jazz

A street performer was making balloon art with a troubled face.

He is making something with red balloons, but he looks very troubled. What is the matter? Are you not feeling well? I started to take one step and then another to ask him, but the street performer with the troubled face said he had a delivery to make and ran away. He had a troubled look on his face for a long time, but he also looked as if he was somewhat at ease.

The blue balloon art left behind by the troubled-looking street performer was in the shape of a cat and reminded me of the process of actually solving a math problem.

Brewery and hard-to-hear audio

The hands of the clock keep turning
It's as sweet as syrup
Slow as an elephant running in the sky

The flow of time, each moment overlapping with the next, forms the ocean called life.

However, the act of crossing that ocean itself is slow, and how much sweetness is required for us to recognize it. This ridiculous image of an elephant running through the sky is the means by which we understand the abstract concept of the flow of time, which leads to the expression that the flow is as sweet as syrup and as slow as an elephant.

I could be a coffee space travel guru.

Paper Airplanes
with the aroma of coffee.
Traveling through space
as the grains of sand danced in the air
the end of silence has begun.

This is my kind of experiment.

I combined a familiar object, a paper airplane, which is easy to make, with the aroma of coffee, a symbolic element of everyday life, and succeeded in evoking a fantastic image of traveling through space with them, which is far from reality.

Paper airplanes symbolize freedom in flight, the aroma of coffee symbolizes waking up and starting the day, and space represents endless possibilities and a stage for adventure. The combination of these elements opens the door to the extraordinary lurking in the everyday, and the new perspectives that emerge from it are presented to the poet.

I instantly felt as if I had gone to a parallel world, a parallel universe.

I was able to see the moment when the silent universe ended and all events began.

I could see the divergence between the world that floats above the text and the world in which we live. The world I created in my mind still lives on as the fourth world.



I tried composing a song today and it is fun. I hope you will all try it too. If you compose this article, please be absolutely sure to share and bookmark it on social networking sites. They are forced to work without pay despite this intellectual labor.